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Recent flash flooding on the Gold Coast may lead to Water Damage

Feb 18, 2024 | Latest News

The recent flash flooding on the Gold Coast over the weekend left a trail of overflowing swimming pools and soggy garden beds. The Gold Coast’s extensive coastline, rivers, and waterways make it highly susceptible to flash flooding during heavy rainfall.The recent downpour has underscored the critical importance of understanding and planning for flash flooding risk. These downpours highlight the importance for the appropriate resources for pre and post flooding emergencies.

Pre-flood Resource

Having a flood maps of the area you live in is vital to understanding what areas are dangerous to you in such downpours. The Gold Coast government has made these flood maps readily available for those who need to review their living area. These flood maps will help individuals and communities understand – and hopefully mitigate – flood hazards and emergencies.

Post-flood Contact

If you were unable to escape flood damage then the next thing to consider is having someone to call for the cleanup. Adding Water Damage & Restoration Services as your port of call for any in-home flooding will make for any emergencies in the future easier to overcome.

We have the services to help you if you’ve been affected by the recent flash flooding on the Gold Coast. Water Damage & Restoration Services can be on your premise within 60 minutes of your emergency callout. From sewage cleanup, to structural drying through to accessory and equipment hire for those that prefer the DIY options, our experienced team is here to help you navigate the aftermath of heavy rainfall events and restore your home to its pre-flood state.