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If your home or business has suffered flood or water damage, swift action is crucial to curtail further harm and safeguard your property. At Water Damage & Restoration Services, we recognise the urgency of the situation. We offer extensive structural and timber drying solutions to facilitate a rapid and efficient recovery process for your property.

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Our team of experts have 15+ years of experience in flood restoration, water extraction, cleaning up after storm & rain damage and/or bursted plumbing pipes.

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We are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), ensuring that we provide professional water damage restoration.

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Recognised by all major Australian insurance companies, ensuring swift, reliable services for seamless claim processing.   


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What Is Structural Drying And How Does It Work?

Structural drying plays a pivotal role in averting the growth of mould, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms within a building. Without adequate structural drying, moisture can seep deeply into the structure, causing lasting damage and persistent musty odours. At Water Damage & Restoration Services, our approach extends beyond surface drying—we meticulously dry behind skirtings and framework to curtail mould growth on plaster and various building materials. Through our water damage restoration services, we prioritize safeguarding the well-being of occupants by preventing the spread of hazardous contaminants.

The Water Damage Restoration team utilises specialised equipment and techniques to eliminate water and moisture from your property. The process initiates with the removal of standing water, followed by the deployment of potent fans and dehumidifiers. These tools penetrate deeply into building materials, including skirtings, plaster, and timber framework, effectively extracting excess moisture to deter mould growth and musty odours. Employing thermal imaging technology, we meticulously detect and monitor moisture levels, ensuring comprehensive drying across all impacted areas.


Our Water Damage Restoration Process

1. Initial Call For Assistance

At Water Damage & Restoration Services, we prioritise understanding your needs. Our experts guide you through tailored solutions based on a detailed assessment of your water emergency. We swiftly schedule property inspections and create customised restoration plans for a prompt response.

2. We Inspect Damaged Site

Our skilled technicians conducts a comprehensive assessment to gauge the extent of water damage, identifying potential hazards and salvageable items. If needed, we intervene to halt the source of damage. This assessment forms the cornerstone for an action plan, ensuring successful property restoration.

3. Cordon Off Affected Area For Safety

We prioritise safety by relocating electrical devices and mitigating slip hazards. Additionally, furniture obstructing the drying process is moved, with foam blocks installed to safeguard both furniture and flooring.

4. Begin Water Extraction From Area

Commencing with a comprehensive water extraction process, we swiftly contain and remove water from the area, curbing its spread within the structure and expediting the drying phase. Utilizing high-powered pumps and extraction units, we efficiently remove hundreds or thousands of liters of water, ensuring a thorough extraction.

5. Removal Of Non-Restorable Items

To accelerate the drying of salvageable materials, we promptly eliminate items that can't be restored. Our lead technician will explain the rationale behind this process and seek your approval before proceeding with any removal.

6. Cleaning, Sanitising & Deodorising

Contaminated water demands cleaning, sanitisation, or deodorisation for floors, furniture, and personal items due to potential hazards like bacteria, viruses, or mould. Employing antimicrobial tools and proven techniques, we prioritise the safety of your family or staff during the restoration process.

7. Begin Rapid Drying Of Affected Area

We deploy top-tier drying equipment to address concealed and structural moisture effectively. Tailoring the equipment type and quantity to your specific needs and industry standards, our team devises a customised drying system suited for your building and operations. Structural drying plays a pivotal role in restoring your property to its pre-flood state.

8. Monitoring Affected Area

Our specialists conduct daily visits throughout the drying process to oversee material drying, assess equipment performance, and make necessary adjustments for optimal results. This diligent monitoring is essential for ensuring the effective and efficient drying of your property.

9. Purification Of Air Takes Place

We purify the air in affected areas, eradicating odours and allergens, using filters that remove 99.97% of particles at 0.3 microns and 95% at 0.1 microns. This guarantees a safe environment for your family or staff throughout the drying process, providing peace of mind.

10. Carpet Cleaning Of Area

Following the drying process, we perform a thorough washing and deodorising of your carpet using hot water extraction. In most instances, our restoration process leaves your carpets in a better condition than before the flooding occurred.

11. Compliance Certificates For Job

We ensure the prevention of mould contamination by providing written documentation verifying that all affected areas meet acceptable drying standards. All our work includes compliance certificates upon completion. 

12. 100% Total Satisfaction

After the restoration, a final inspection with our technician ensures all concerns are resolved. In the majority of cases, we exceed the pre-flooding condition of your property. Our goal is delighted customers!