Ultimate Guide: What to Do if Your Property Suffers Water Damage

Jul 8, 2024 | Latest News

Ultimate Guide: What to Do if Your Property Suffers Water Damage

Water damage can have long-lasting and expensive repercussions. It can ruin your belongings, lead to mould growth, and even compromise the structural integrity of your home.

The good news? There is a solution. The key to successful water damage restoration is acting fast with the help of a reliable and experienced professional. This guide will explain exactly what to do step-by-step.

One quick note before we get started: If you are in the thick of a flood-damaged house right now, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have a 24/7 emergency service. Otherwise, let’s get started.

What Should I Do Immediately After Water Damage?

The steps you take after discovering water damage can make all the difference. Here’s what you should do right away.

Stay Safe

Safety should always be your number one concern in the immediate aftermath of water damage. Don’t do anything that puts anyone at risk; only return to your property when emergency services say it is safe. If water has entered your property, do not turn on the electricity until an electrician has inspected it.

Find the Cause

There are so many different things that can lead to water damage. Maybe your home has flooded due to natural causes—these kinds of severe weather events are not uncommon in Northern NSW and Southeast QLD. Appliances like washing machines or dishwashers can leak, too. Burst pipes, a leaking roof, and blocked gutters are other common causes.

Contact Your Insurer

If you have a flood-damaged house, contact your insurance company as soon as possible. You can either file a claim immediately or seek guidance on the claims process.

Engage Water Damage Restoration Specialists

Man in boots extracting water from flooded room

Now, it’s time to focus on restoration. This is the process of salvaging and drying water-damaged property and items.

Every situation is unique. Here at Water Damage & Restoration Services, we personalise our proven process depending on your needs and your property. Here are the steps we take to secure the best possible outcome.

Step 1: Initial Phone Consultation

The first step is phoning us for assistance. During this call, our experts will guide you through potential solutions based on a detailed assessment of your water emergency.

We will then schedule a property inspection and use our findings to map a customised restoration plan.

Step 2: Damaged Site Inspection

Your home is more than just a property. It’s a place where you feel comfortable, where your family thrives, and where memories are made. We understand. That’s why we conduct a comprehensive inspection of your home to accurately assess the extent of water damage.

We will also identify potential hazards and flag salvageable items. If necessary, we will take steps to stop or minimise the source of the water.

Step 3: Hazard Removal

At Water Damage & Restoration Services, safety is our priority. We take electrical devices away from water and water-damaged areas. We also move furniture that could slow drying and install foam blocks to safeguard your flooring.

Step 4: Water Extraction

We use high-powered pumps and extraction units to remove hundreds, even thousands of litres of water from your home. We move quickly, stopping water spread and speeding up the drying process.

Step 5: Item Sorting

In some cases, furniture and other belongings cannot be restored. We remove these items quickly to give salvageable materials space to dry.

We understand that this process can be emotional. Our technicians will be there to answer your questions, address your concerns, and explain the rationale behind our decision-making. Of course, we will not remove or discard any item without your approval.

Step 6: Cleaning, Sanitising, and Deodorising

Did you know floodwater can host bacteria, viruses, mould, and other nasties? You don’t want these in your home.

We thoroughly clean, sanitise, and deodorise affected floors, furniture, and personal items. We use antimicrobial tools and best-in-class techniques to ensure the safety of your family or staff throughout the restoration process and beyond.

Step 7: Rapid Drying

A property that looks dry may be harbouring moisture below the surface. We use leading-edge drying equipment to address concealed moisture and ensure all water is removed from your property’s structural elements.

Every home or business has unique needs and limitations. We have a diverse range of equipment to cater to various property sizes and industry standards.

Step 8: Ongoing Monitoring

Our specialists visit your property daily to monitor the drying process and check if all equipment is performing as it should. They will make adjustments as needed.

Step 9: Air Purification

The risks of water damage go beyond structural concerns. Odours and allergens are very real, very common aftereffects of a flood. Using industry-leading filters, we remove 99.97% of particles at 0.3 microns and 95% at 0.1 microns.

Step 10: Carpet Cleaning

If you have carpet in your property, we use hot water extraction to wash and deodorise it. Our team often leaves your carpets looking better than before the flood occurred.

Step 11: Compliance Certification

We issue compliance certificates after the job is done. This gives you total peace of mind. You have written documentation that verifies all affected areas meet strict drying standards.

How to Find a Reputable Water Damage Restoration Service

When emergencies strike, you need a trustworthy team of professionals. Here are four vital factors to consider:


Look for a company with a proven track record. At Water Damage & Restoration Services, we have 15 years of experience across the Gold Coast and Northern NSW. We have seen it all before and know precisely how to handle your situation.


Water damage carries risks. That’s why you should only work with water restoration specialists who are fully certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). This guarantees that their services meet industry standards for professional water damage restoration.

Insurance Approval

You need an approved service provider. This means major insurance companies trust the provider to deliver reliable and effective services. At the end of the day, the claims process becomes easier, and you get the financial support you need to restore your home or business premises.

24/7 Support

Extensive water damage is an emergency. It can happen at any time, on any day of the week. Prompt intervention is critical to minimising the extent of the damage. We provide a 24/7 emergency service, and our team is on call and ready to respond quickly. This can help prevent issues like mould growth and irreparable damage.

Take Action Now

Do not wait. Act fast to protect your property and belongings with the help of a professional water damage restoration company.

Call us now on 0499 901 334 for a free upfront quote. The sooner you start the process, the better the outcome you can expect.